Find our SUV to rent

4x4rental is an extremely popular way to explore the world in comfort and style. One of the most popular types of rental is a sport utility vehicle. Otherwise known as an SUV, there are a number of different sizes and styles to choose from. For ease of classification, such vehicles can be categorised into three distinct groups. Let us look at each in more detail.
The Crossover SUV
This is the smallest type of SUV on the marketplace. This model is actually a blend between a car and a truck. The chassis is based off of the frame of a car while these models handle extremely well due to their all-wheel drive and independent suspension. Such designs are perfect for those who may desire a 4x4 rental that will be travelling in the city as well as the country. At JUST4VIP, there are a number of different crossover models to choose from.
The Medium-Sized SUV
As the name hints, those who rent SUV designs of this type will be able to enjoy a larger frame, a greater towing capacity and an ability to handle off-road conditions with increased safety. Some models are even equipped with an eight-cylinder engine. This addition enables them to be perfectly suited for transporting heavy loads in between two locations. JUST4VIP also offers a wide selection of this model. 
The Full-Sized SUV
These vehicles have a frame that is based off of the traditional pickup truck. So, they are considered to be the most robust and durable type of SUV. Due to their interior space and overall size, full-sized models are best suited when one desires to take longer excursions while travelling in comfort. The massive amounts of storage space and powerful engines are quite beneficial for journeys that may be subject to a variety of different road and weather conditions.
The ability to rent SUV models based upon their sizes and shapes is a pronounced benefit to the consumer. JUST4VIP is proud to offer an unbeatable selection of these vehicles that are designed to meet a variety of different needs.